Friday, April 22, 2016

$150.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway-

I'll be hanging out here, tomorrow- April 23rd @ 11 am Pacific/1 pm Central. There's an Amazon GF for $150.00 to be given away, other prizes, authors to chat with, games to play, and lots of fun to be had. Come join us and help me kick start this party for Peggy McAloon. To enter the raffle- here's the site, the link will be towards the top of the page:

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Readers are saying ...

"A New Adult novel that keeps the reader turning the pages." 
- Author S.R. Grey ‪ 

"His character was mature, funny and at times dorky." 
-Amazon reviewer, Feb. 2016

"A beautifully written story about friendship and first love." 
- Amy B. Amazon Review

"Layne was such an intriguing character and the way that Morgan portrayed their relationship was wonderful. 5 stars for Holly Lane." -Melissa. Amazon Review.

"...she made two lovable characters and explained a love everyone wants for their life. Difficult to put down and even more difficult to see "The End" I wanted the book to go on forever." 
-Hope. Amazon Review

Monday, April 4, 2016

Sweet Clean Romance Event- come hang out

Next week- I'll be hanging out here, on Thursday and Saturday- 12 noon EST time. Would love to see you on there as well! :) Lots of great authors, with all styles of genres and clean stories! Come hang out with us, and invite a friend or two. 

Here's the link so you can come join in on the fun:

NEW RELEASE- Nate (A Texas Jacks Novel)

 Title: Nate (A Texas Jacks Novel)
Author: J.B. Morgan
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance


When Nathan Jackson's world shattered, and fell out from under him, his two best friends were there to help pick up the pieces. There’s nothing that Nate wouldn’t do for them.

It’s been a few years since then, and Nate’s life seems pretty content between his friends, work, and his love of dirt bike racing. When Nate’s out on the track, he can let it all go, be free, and finally feel at peace.

But when it comes to relationships, Nate's not looking for anything long-term. He swears that love isn't worth the risk—until she walks through the doors of Texas Jack's.


Charlotte Davenport knows that something has to give, or life will pass her by. It's time to add a little excitement to her routine. Charlie isn't expecting much, but with her friends at her side, she feels ready to break out of her shell. But something’s missing.

When she, and her friends, head out to Texas Jack's for a night of fun, Charlie meets him — Nathan Jackson. He just might be the man to help Charlie overcome her shyness, and shake up her world.

But first, Nate must be willing to let his guard down and take a chance on Charlie. And if that happens, can Charlie open herself up enough to let him in?

J.B. Morgan resides in Oregon where she's a wife and a stay-at-home-mother of two. When she's not writing she can be found carting her kids everywhere, busy with volunteer work, or reading. She loves the NY Yankees, traveling, and her family.

When she was younger, she would make up hero-rescuing stories in her head, revolving around boys she had crushes on at school. She's in love with the idea of love. 

About her stories: I love full length stories with a resolution at the end so -no short novellas or serials for me. I love my stories to have: humor, swoony romance, strong and sensible heroines, good-decent guys, realism, and happily ever afters. After all, don't we read to escape reality? So why not read what makes you feel good on the inside and puts a smile on your face? This is what I strive to put in my novels