Tuesday, December 30, 2014

1st Book review of Holly Lane from Amazon/ Goodreads

 4.0 out of 5 stars
Great debut romance!, December 27, 2014
This review is from: Holly Lane (Kindle Edition)
"I received a complimentary e-copy of Holly Lane in exchange for an honest review.

Hollie is heading out on the trip of a lifetime to Hawaii It's her class trip with her fellow senior class to celebrate their high school graduation and she's looking forward to spending time in the sand and surf with her two best friends. She meets Army soldier Layne, when she literally bumps into him on the street and then later that day trips over him on the beach. Layne is enamored with the pretty, but klutzy and easily embarrassed Hollie and the two spend every spare minute together during her week on the island and develop an easy friendship which naturally evolves into a relationship by the week's end. Hollie heads back to Oregon with the promise to text, email and call each other every day since they both recognize that they have something special worth pursing long distance.

The texts and phone chats are not really enough for each other, but neither one wants to give up what they have. Layne starts a weekly tradition of sending romantic letters by snail mail and Hollie lives for the mailman to bring her weekly piece of Layne each Saturday. Their relationship continues to grow over the next couple of years, except for 2 face to face visits, it's all long distance and via their phone and letters. During their second visit, Layne breaks the news to Hollie that his unit is being deployed and that there's a huge chance that there will be a period of non-communication, depending on the location and the circumstances of the deployment.

I really enjoyed this story, the debut novel by J.B. Morgan. It is a beautifully written, clean romance between two people who truly believe that life can throw people together in an unexpected way and have it work. My heart broke several times for Hollie throughout the story, because I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to have 7 hours and an ocean keeping you apart from the love of your life apart for so long and then to be left wondering when/if you'd ever hear back from someone again. Layne's letters and his point of view during his deployment were just a reminder of what a amazingly wonderful and loving guy he is.

The ending was worth a few tears as well. Sean was right when he said that everything Layne does is for a reason and I'm glad that Hollie gave him the chance to explain everything and that her heart was still open to him.

Great job J.B. Morgan!"

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