Tuesday, December 30, 2014

4th Review of Holly Lane from Amazon/Goodreads

~~ 4 You're My Sunshine Stars ~~, December 17, 2014
This review is from: Holly Lane (Kindle Edition)
"Holly Lane is the Debut novel for author J.B. Morgan and I have to say I thought she did a great job. She created a story that was sweet and tender from beginning to end. I think I had a smile on my face for most of the book. Now even though I say that, there were also some sad moments that brought tears to my eyes. To me this was the epitome of a fairytale romance story. She created characters that you couldn't help falling in love with.

What I was a little nervous about when reading this book was that she was trying to create a story that didn't have the typical NA stuff in it….sex, cursing and excess drama…..I was curious to see how she was going to be able to keep my attention throughout the whole book without it dragging. Well, she did it, J.B. created a story that had no sex, no cursing, and no excess drama and it kept my attention all the way through. This was such a wonderful journey for Hollie and Layne. They showed that with faith, determination and true love, you can overcome anything. I also think this story moved at a great pace. She was able to create characters that felt like you were a part of their lives. This story felt real to me!!!

This story is primarily about Layne and Hollie, but we also got to meet many other characters that were important to this story.

When the story starts Hollie has just graduated from high school and is taking a school trip to Hawaii with her two best friends Jenifer and Ava. While in Hawaii, she meets a Layne. Layne is a local…he lives on the island but is also stationed there for the Army. I will warn you that this book is an insta-love type story. Hollie and Layne hit it off right away and are inseparable. Layne and his best friend Miller, take the girls and some others on a daily tour of the island and all it has to offer. I really enjoyed reading about their week together, I just wish we would've gotten more of them alone and not always with a huge group of people. What I loved the most was after they left Hawaii. Layne and Hollie agree to stay in contact through any means necessary via technology. I LOVED the text messages and letters Layne sent in the mail. Layne truly was swoon worthy and made my heart melt on many occasions. Their road was not a smooth one once they were separated, my heart went out to them and all they did to stay strong.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a sweet, romantic, and swoony love story. One that is low on the drama factor but will melt your heart and make you think that Layne is too good to be true."

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